Ethos & Values


Mission Statement

At Frederick Nattrass every success is celebrated and everyone has a talent.

We all reach for the stars every day!

Our Vision

Frederick Nattrass is a school where all children reach their full potential because

  • lessons are inspiring and teachers have high expectations of what every child will achieve.
  • our children are taught to be independent problem solvers who never give up.
  • we nurture individual talents, and provide opportunities for every child to succeed. We celebrate every success, no matter how small.
  • everyone at our school values the opinions of others and shows respect and honesty by listening and speaking with confidence.
  • every member of the school community is a learner who never gives up and strives for success.

The Northern Education Trust Shared Values

We share with all Northern Education Trust Academies a set of guiding principles and commitments which include the One Academy Rule.

Guiding Principles

"The welfare of others is the first concern of all."

"The education of every child is held to be of equal value in this comprehensive community school."



A commitment to:

  • The one academy rule:

"All pupils and adults are expected to behave in a responsible manner, both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect at all times."

  • The achievement, personal development and well-being of children and young people, where the welfare of others is seen to be the first concern of all no matter their starting point
  • Promoting and supporting parent and carer engagement in the development of learning and educational experience of their children
  • Professional development and welfare of all the staff who are employees of the Northern Education Trust
  • Understand the community context within which the academy operates and to engage in appropriate activities with other agencies and community groups in order to promote community cohesion and economic regeneration
  • Having an aspiration to be the best, not just nationally but internationally
  • Outstanding learning and teaching which engages pupils and is active, collaborative and encourages independence
  • Student voice intended to empower and involve young people in the development and delivery of their own education and the life of their academy
  • A modern curriculum which meets the needs of all learners, has clear progression routes internally and to both employment and further and higher education
  • The development of professional networks, within our group and beyond, providing school to school support, opportunities for pupils, and sharing professional development
  • Community involvement with our schools and to lifelong community learning.