How do I know what support my child will be receiving?

The school keeps a register of all of the children who are receiving additional support as a result of having SEN. We keep details of the level of SEN (SEN Support or Education or Health and Care Plan) area of need and provision which has been put in place. To plan provision for SEN Support children the class teachers write an Individual Education Plan (IEP) alongside parents/carers and the children. The details of the first IEP each year will be finalised at Assertive Mentoring meetings in the Autumn Term and parents/carers keep a copy to support them helping children at home. IEPs are then reviewed and shared with parents termly. For children who need a higher level of specific support the school make an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan to the Local Authority and the child is assessed, parents/carers consulted and the child's needs considered before recommendations are made.