How do we know if a child has Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

A child can be identified as having SEN at any point in their childhood. These needs might have been identified by a parent or professional before a child starts school or during their time at school.

  • If needs have been identified before a child starts school then staff in the school work closely with those who are already involved with assessing and providing for these and continues to process of assessing, providing and evaluating the effectiveness of this support.
  • If a child is identified as having SEN during their time at school then this will be as a result of partnership working between school staff, parents and other agencies (where they are needed).

The progress of all children in school is monitored on an ongoing basis by class teachers and members of the Leadership Team. If a child's levels are showing that they have not made the expected academic progress then staff take time to explore the reasons behind this. They plan intervention strategies and then review what effects these have had. In situations where children have made little or slow progress despite focused intervention discussions are held with parents, further intervention is planned and the child is recorded as SEN Support register. This register is reviewed on a half-termly basis.

This can obviously be a concerning time for any family. All members of school staff are aware of this. Mrs Wright, Mrs Buckley and class teachers can be contacted for support or extra information.