Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Children are given stickers and certificates for excellent effort during their learning.

Children in Reception enjoy stickers, certificates, being on Green and taking special letters home to share achievements.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

We reward children by sending them to different classes to share their superb work, they receive stickers and postcards home from the Principal.

All the children are in four Houses:

Walliam's Billionaires

Dahl's BFGs

Donaldson's Gruffalos

Rowling's Wizards

Children collect house points for: excellent manners; any significant achievement, academic progress; being kind to others... the house points are collated each week and the winning house celebrates in Friday's Star Assembly! At the end of term the winning house gets to choose a House treat. House teams are an excellent way of encouraging children to mix with children of different ages and it creates a real sense of belonging. House points are always an excellent incentive!

The children at Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy demonstrate excellent behaviour daily so good behaviour is an expectation that is not rewarded. However we do reward many things:

  • Playtime friends awards
  • Eco Warrior's contribution to the environment award
  • The Librarian's award
  • Class with the highest attendance
  • Top Table raffle (children earn raffle tickets for eating all their food).
  • Pupil's with the most house points in a class
  • Best singers for the week

All these and more are celebrated by the whole school in 'Star Assembly' and parents of children receiving certificates are always invited to attend.